Hydraulic Fittings Supplier in China - Get Quality Stainless Steel Tube Connectors and High-Pressure Adapters

2023-03-24 12:36:15 By : Ms. Swing Chan
China gates hydraulic fittings Supplier - Bhpvl.com

At China Gates Hydraulic Fittings Supplier, Bhpvl.com, you can find top-quality hydraulic adapter JIC male female 74 cone branch tee fittings that provide excellent leak prevention for high-pressure applications. Rather than the JIC male 74 degrees cone tee, these fittings now have a 37 degrees cone seat on three sides. This makes them the perfect choice for those looking to upgrade their hydraulic systems or to replace old and worn-out fittings. The JIC adapters provided are equivalent to those from Parker, Eaton, Aeroquip, Weatherhead, and Gates Hydraulics, ensuring that you get products of the highest quality.

China gates hydraulic fittings Supplier - Bhpvl.com

The fittings are made from mild steel, but stainless steel or brass can be used for special demands. Threads are available in various types, including JIC, NPT, ORFS, Metric, BSP, BSPT, and more. The products are made according to standard (Winner) or customer-designed drawings, and there is a large stock available. This means that you can easily and quickly find the fittings that you need, without having to wait for them to be manufactured.

The stainless steel tube connector 87612 one-piece fittings are SAE flange 6000 PSI for spiral hose four wire integral fittings. These fittings are made mostly from 45 carbon steel in YH Hydraulic, but the crimped ferrule is made from mild steel. Advanced ferrule crimping machines are used in the crimping procedure to ensure high precision. This means that you can trust the fittings to provide a secure and reliable connection between your hydraulic components.

China Gates Hydraulic Fittings Supplier, Bhpvl.com, also offers high-quality stainless steel balustrades for glass/pipe railings. These elegant and stylish designs are made from stainless steel 304 material and have been polished or chrome-plated to give them a smooth and shiny finish. These products are hot-sale items in the world market, and for good reason. They come with a 5-year guarantee, and the company has the necessary certifications to make sure that you get products of the highest quality.

At KangDi Hydraulics Co., the team has ten years of experience in manufacturing sensitive high-pressure pipe joints that are distributed both domestically and abroad. They are widely exported to Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia, and have earned a reputation for being reliable and of high quality. So, if you are looking for top-quality hydraulic fittings, stainless steel tube connectors, or stylish balustrades for your glass or pipe railings, look no further than China Gates Hydraulic Fittings Supplier, Bhpvl.com.