Split Flangeador: Your Reliable OEM Supplier for Hydraulic System Components

Ningbo Kangdi Hydraulic Co., Ltd. is a well-known supplier, manufacturer, and factory based in China that offers a wide range of hydraulic products. One of their most popular products is the Flangeador Split. It is widely used in the hydraulic industry to easily and accurately flare tubes.

The Flangeador Split has a unique design that allows for easy installation and use. The split design of the tool eliminates the need for disassembling brake and fuel lines, saving time and money. It is capable of flaring multiple sizes of tubes, making it versatile for different needs.

Manufactured with high-quality materials, the Flangeador Split is durable and can withstand the toughest working conditions. It is also easy to maintain and comes with a user manual for optimal performance.

Ningbo Kangdi Hydraulic Co., Ltd.'s Flangeador Split is a valuable tool for any hydraulic technician or mechanic. With its efficient and reliable design, it is a wise investment for any business or workshop. Contact Ningbo Kangdi Hydraulic Co., Ltd. today to place your order.
  • Introducing the innovative Flangeador Split, the ultimate solution for fast, precise and efficient flanging of pipes. Designed with cutting-edge technology and materials, this tool is the perfect choice for plumbers, HVAC technicians and industrial maintenance professionals who demand the best results. The Flangeador Split features a patented split-flaring mechanism that allows you to create perfect and consistent 45-degree flares in a matter of seconds. The tool is compatible with a wide range of pipe sizes, from 1/8" to 3/4", making it a versatile addition to any toolkit. Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, the Flangeador Split can be easily carried to any job site, and its ergonomic handle ensures maximum comfort and control during use. The tool is made of high-quality steel, ensuring long-lasting durability and resistance to wear and tear. Whether you're working on a residential or commercial project, the Flangeador Split is the ideal choice for hassle-free flaring. Save time and eliminate mistakes with this innovative and reliable tool. Order your Flangeador Split today and experience the ultimate in precision and efficiency.
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